Thursday Nite

Tonight I need enough sleep, because tomorrow I'll be tiredness. Erm .. my sister will not be at home tomorrow. She's back to her campus at Uitm Shah Alam. I guess, I'll be alone again. Well, that's okay. I'm already get used to it. I'm just hoping my sister successfully achieve her dreams. I'm always pray for her successful.
In that case, tomorrow I'm not going to school because I've to follow my father sending my sister to her campus. My mother asks me to go, she's can't go along because her leave applications are not approve by her company. Never mind. Oh ya, I'm didn't go to school today since I'm not feeling so well today. I had a stomachache, perhaps food poisoning. But now, I'm okay after take a medicine.
What i want to do right now ? Let me see....at 8 30 pm I want to watch 'Brilliant Legacy' on 8Tv tonight. Quite interesting this korean drama even it has been translating to chinese or maybe taiwan. I don't know. Okay than, see you guys later. Chiao.

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