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제 경력

Someday soon I want to be someone who I want to be. I want to be someone good and successful in life. If possible, I want to be all, as a doctor, CEO, restaurant @ cafe owner, has own cakes house, and as an architect. Would it be nice if I could be someone like that. So, my parents would be proud of me. I just don't want to let them down. My importance is their happiness. Do you know what I've been planned for the future if I become someone good and successful person ? Well, the answer is so simple. If someday soon I became a successful person, I want to take care of my parents. To me, they are everything and I can't live without both of them. First, I want to build a big house for my parents, our own ville and the ville will be named with 'DH VILLE' @ 'Double Hoped Ville'. Eum .. the meaning is, the house is fulled with hopes. My hopes, my parents hope, my sister and my brother hopes as well. That is why the ville will be named as 'DH Ville'. I hope this dream comes true. Next, I want to have my own restaurant @ cafe station combined with a cakes house. It would be something different, isn't it ? 'AppleScent' ... Quite suitable for my cafe station, isn't it ? The decorations for the cafe station are based on our cafe name 'AppleScent', relating with apple sensation. Besides that, I want to be a doctor, specialist doctor so I can take care of my parents, treats them if they fell sick. Talk about creating a big building such a houses, hotel and company, it sure needs special ability to creates something. Need a lot of ideas, an ability and always be creative with the ideas. Always think positive and makes a big differences. Well, as long as I get a straight A's in my SPM soon, nothing is impossible. With such an excellent result, I'm sure I could do anything including further my studies in Korea or United Kingdom but It would take sometimes. So, I have to work hard for it. May the success is mine. Bye-bye


Thursday Nite

Tonight I need enough sleep, because tomorrow I'll be tiredness. Erm .. my sister will not be at home tomorrow. She's back to her campus at Uitm Shah Alam. I guess, I'll be alone again. Well, that's okay. I'm already get used to it. I'm just hoping my sister successfully achieve her dreams. I'm always pray for her successful.
In that case, tomorrow I'm not going to school because I've to follow my father sending my sister to her campus. My mother asks me to go, she's can't go along because her leave applications are not approve by her company. Never mind. Oh ya, I'm didn't go to school today since I'm not feeling so well today. I had a stomachache, perhaps food poisoning. But now, I'm okay after take a medicine.
What i want to do right now ? Let me see....at 8 30 pm I want to watch 'Brilliant Legacy' on 8Tv tonight. Quite interesting this korean drama even it has been translating to chinese or maybe taiwan. I don't know. Okay than, see you guys later. Chiao.