SPM 23 Nov 2010

23 November 2010, peperiksaan SPM akan bermula sehinggalah 20 Disember. Ya Allah, pantasnya waktu berlalu. Aku harus berjuang habis-habisan untuk SPM ini kerana aku tidak mahu terkandas di tengah jalan. Aku ingin menyambung pelajaran hingga peringkat tinggi demi diri sendiri & keluarga. Ya Allah, hanya pada-Nya aku mohon ketenangan jiwa dan ketabahan untuk lalui semua ini. Rasa tak keruan fikiran dibuat-Nya. Mudah-mudahan aku dapat lakukan yang terbaik untuk SPM. Aku tak boleh gagal ! Ini adalah penentu masa depan aku dan aku harus berjaya. Ya Allah, tenangkanlah hati ini dan permudahkanlah aku menjawab peperiksaan kelak. 'Usaha tanpa tawakkal itu sombong dan tawakkal dengan usaha itu kejayaan', Amin.


Ramadhan bakal berlalu

Yippie ! Tinggal 6 hari nak abes puasa....alhamdulilah ! Mampu jugak ak puasa tahun nie...hehe..dah x sabar tunggu raye nie tp tahun nie x ley enjoy giler2 sbb dah nk trial SPM ler :( huhuhu...tension kepala otak ak ! ap pun raye ttp raye tp exam ttp exam. Raye tiap tahun ad to SPM, sekali seumur idop aw..ak xnk amek byk kali SPM. Moga2 ak brjaye dlm SPM kelak,amin. Tahun nie raye keluarga ak simple je...kueh raye langsong xbuat, beli aje. Baju raye dh siap, haha, 2 pasang seorang kecuali ayah ngan abg ngah ak. Hahaha...baju je dah dkt RM400 siap g tempah sekali. Masak nk abes byr....Tema thun nie purple gelap ! Next year maybe merah kowt....org raye ak dok study bace buku,x ley jln2 sgt. its okay.........erm....raye..raye..balik kampong maybe 8 ari bulan,brtolak tgh mlm. Dlm 2@3 hari aje kowt dkt kampong lps tu alek sini. Mlm nie nk maen bunga api...kdg2 tu teringin jgak nak maen mcm budak2 kecik. Dulu masa kecik pun bkn selalu maen...hehehe...stkat bunga api jew...well,ap pun Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin


Bulan Ramadhan

Alhamdulilah, kita sudah masuk dalam bulan Ramadhan, bulan umat Islam berpuasa di siang hari selama sebulan. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa seribu kali rahmat dari Allah S.W.T dan mudah-mudahan kita semua dapat menjalani ibadah puasa ini dgn sabar. Di bulan-bulan beginilah kita dapat menambah iman yang berkurangan dengan mendekatkan diri kepada Pencipta sekian alam yang nan indah ini. Banyak-banyakkanlah amal jari'ah dan sentiasa jauhi perkara yang mungkar. Akhir kata, SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK DAN SELAMAT MENUNAIKAN IBADAH PUASA KEPADA SELURUH UMAT ISLAM DI MALAYSIA.


[100605] SS501 - Let Me Be The One + Love Ya Live HD

제 경력

Someday soon I want to be someone who I want to be. I want to be someone good and successful in life. If possible, I want to be all, as a doctor, CEO, restaurant @ cafe owner, has own cakes house, and as an architect. Would it be nice if I could be someone like that. So, my parents would be proud of me. I just don't want to let them down. My importance is their happiness. Do you know what I've been planned for the future if I become someone good and successful person ? Well, the answer is so simple. If someday soon I became a successful person, I want to take care of my parents. To me, they are everything and I can't live without both of them. First, I want to build a big house for my parents, our own ville and the ville will be named with 'DH VILLE' @ 'Double Hoped Ville'. Eum .. the meaning is, the house is fulled with hopes. My hopes, my parents hope, my sister and my brother hopes as well. That is why the ville will be named as 'DH Ville'. I hope this dream comes true. Next, I want to have my own restaurant @ cafe station combined with a cakes house. It would be something different, isn't it ? 'AppleScent' ... Quite suitable for my cafe station, isn't it ? The decorations for the cafe station are based on our cafe name 'AppleScent', relating with apple sensation. Besides that, I want to be a doctor, specialist doctor so I can take care of my parents, treats them if they fell sick. Talk about creating a big building such a houses, hotel and company, it sure needs special ability to creates something. Need a lot of ideas, an ability and always be creative with the ideas. Always think positive and makes a big differences. Well, as long as I get a straight A's in my SPM soon, nothing is impossible. With such an excellent result, I'm sure I could do anything including further my studies in Korea or United Kingdom but It would take sometimes. So, I have to work hard for it. May the success is mine. Bye-bye


Thursday Nite

Tonight I need enough sleep, because tomorrow I'll be tiredness. Erm .. my sister will not be at home tomorrow. She's back to her campus at Uitm Shah Alam. I guess, I'll be alone again. Well, that's okay. I'm already get used to it. I'm just hoping my sister successfully achieve her dreams. I'm always pray for her successful.
In that case, tomorrow I'm not going to school because I've to follow my father sending my sister to her campus. My mother asks me to go, she's can't go along because her leave applications are not approve by her company. Never mind. Oh ya, I'm didn't go to school today since I'm not feeling so well today. I had a stomachache, perhaps food poisoning. But now, I'm okay after take a medicine.
What i want to do right now ? Let me see....at 8 30 pm I want to watch 'Brilliant Legacy' on 8Tv tonight. Quite interesting this korean drama even it has been translating to chinese or maybe taiwan. I don't know. Okay than, see you guys later. Chiao.


내 꿈의 사람 (Man of My Dreams)

Say hi to my snow prince ! Heo Young Saeng, a member of SS501 just like Kim Hyung Joon, that baby face. Let see, what so special about this Young Saeng. Erm .. he looks more matured than Kim Hyung Joon, of course. His style so simple but trendy. His hair style not very extremely stylish but suits for him. One thing that special about Young Saeng is when he starts smiling. That smile successfully melted my heart and inflame my loves. Young Saeng is shorter than Kim Hyung Joon but he looks taller if he wore a white suite or black suite. I'm falling for him since I watched them (SS501) at their Deja Vu MV at YouTube. Wow ! He's totally awesome and i do admiring him since then. I hope someday soon I'll meet him whether in their showcase in Malaysia or in Korea. I'll look after him. If god's willing, then I'll do. What I want to say to him is 'saranghaeyo, Young Saeng' ... and I want to gives him something special. Its a secret. Just wait & see to know what is it. Hope my wishes come true.
His name Kim Hyung Joon, a little brother to Kim Hyun Joong, the leader of SS501. There's some words that can describing Hyung Joon character and his personality. That words is 'baby face & cool'. He is the handsome guy I've never met before. Hyung Joon is quite funny, cute, adorable, gentleman, cool, good looking and he is my ideal royal prince. It would be nice if we could meet each other or contacting each other and become a friends, a good friends. My wish is, i hope someday soon I'll found him. I will keep waiting for this royal prince as long his loves is mine. Kim Hyung Joon, saranghaeyo ! I'll be waiting for you at here.

His name is Yoon Doo Joon / Du Jun, leader of B2ST/BEAST. To me, Du Jun is quite cute and has a good looking. Du Jun is one of my ideal man. I like when he singing, i love his way smile over his fans and his jokes. He likes to make a jokes with his friends. Well, what so special about Du Jun till I'm falling for him ? Erm ... I don't know, maybe his characters made me fall in love with guys like Du Jun. He's friendly and sweet person to me. Besides that, I like the way he looking at someone. WoW ! Sooo cute and handsome. I love Du Jun forever & always. Hope someday soon we'll meet again.

*Du Jun, Hyung Joon & Young Saeng, saranghaeyo ! Till we meet again in the future 8)
Take care & wish you all best of luck in your career. Make sure you come to Malaysia ... Someday soon my dreams come true !

*Du Jun oppa, bye bye ! See you again next time.
*Kim Hyung Joon oppa, hope we could meet someday soon.
*Young Saeng oppa, keep waiting for me & I'll be there soon.


Detention Time

Oh My ! The detention time has begin. It looks like I have to concentrating fully in my studies, at least till the end of the examination day. Wish me a good luck 8)

Even though this things make me feel uneasy and unfreedom but I'm sure I can do it. Just gives me some time and I'll prove it to you. Well, it seems easy to me because I only have to wait for a few months then I can do anything I want. Free to do anything ! But, I'll make sure my result is the best ever and excellent. I don't want to disappointing anyone including my parents. They are everything to me.

I've to be strong to face this challenging tasks. Only a few months... Wish me all the best of luck 8)
Love you <3


SS501 Deja Vu


Annyong Haseyo SS501 Oppa !

Ah ha ! After this I'm waiting for special appearance from SS501 8) Double S & Double WOW ! If 'B2ST/BEAST' showcase done well, I'm sure SS501 can did it well. Both of this group, 'B2ST/BEAST' and SS501 are the best. I love them. In this SS501, I would like to meet Kim Hyun Joong, leader of this group, Kim Kyu Jung, Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Joon. But I love Kim Hyung Joon and Young Saeng more than I love the other members. They quite cute and handsome. They got a good looking and I like their group style. Stylish but simple and adoreable 8)

I just can't thinking and wondering what if I get a chance to meet them someday. May be I'll be more craziest than ever. I'm sure my heart beats faster and faster. One of my dream has successfully achieved. And right this moment, I want to stay away from all this. Erm ... temporary only 8) I hope I could meet with SS501 just like I met 'B2ST/BEAST'. Just hoping, there's no wrong hoping something right ? Well, when I get a chance to meet them someday, I want to give them all a gifts. Even a small gifts so they'll remember their fans in Malaysia. I didn't get a chance to give anything to 'B2ST/BEAST' but I'll make sure someday soon, few years ahead, I'll give them all a gifts. To all 6 members.

SS501 ! What a unique name ! I fallen in love with this group since I heard and saw their Deja Vu and Unlock MV songs at YouTube. Young Saeng is sooooo cute and I like the way he smile to his fans. Adoreable ! That's the suitable word for Young Saeng which is describes his way. And a words that can describing Kim Hyung Joon personality, lil brother to Kim Hyun Joong, are sexy dance steps ! Uh~ I like to watch they practicing for their show on YouTube. My favorite MV of SS501 is Deja Vu, Unlock, Ur man and Fighter. SS501 is awesomes group ! I wish someday soon they will be here in Malaysia and I'll never let this opportunity gone. In that case, I've to wait and I'm willing to wait even for another ten years.

Since I fallen in love with korean boys, K-POP artist, I started like their country, Korea. But actually, I like Seoul, Korea. Where ever it is, the place is still in Korea. Someday soon, I'll be there in Korea. Believe it or not, just believe it 8) Okay, till then. Young Saeng, Kim Hyung Joon, saranghaeyo oppa. Wish you SS501 all the best and good luck in your career. Saranghaeyo !

Doo Joon, Dong Woon, Yo Seob oppa

W0W ! W0w ! I really enjoyed last night showcase. They did it great and the fans are enjoying the showcase. Wah ! At last, I've met them all face-to-face especially Doo Joon oppa, Yo Seob oppa and Dong Woon oppa. Three handsome guys from Korea that I loved came to Malaysia and this is the best moment ever for me. Huh, I can't stop thinking about them. The way they smiled to their fans uh really charming and sooooo cute. I do not miss the opportunity to record all their performances. Later, I will uploading those video and their pictures as well. Am I dreaming ? Went for the 'B2ST/BEAST' showcase ? Uh .. this is great ! Totally awesome. I really excited standing in front of them during the autograph sessions. My heart beats faster because that was my first time met korean boys. I've never been met with people like them soo myself really enjoyed the showcase.

'B2ST/BEAST' love you, oppa 8) Thanks for coming and I hope this is not the last appearance from you guys. Make sure you come again to Malaysia and held another showcase for fans in Kuala Lumpur. You all done great and my day was completed with you guys. I liked Doo Joon eyes and his smile. I liked Dong Woon style and his way. I liked Yo seob smile and his dancing step. This is 'DOUBLE WOW' ! Well I guess I've to wait for another ten years to meet with them again. Now, my detention time is begin. My concentration only in study because I promised already. But that's okay. May be someday soon, I'll be in Korea. I would like to further my studies there. This showcase really gives the big impact to me. I couldn't forget them ever. By the way, I really excited and I bought some 'B2ST/BEAST' merchandise. B2ST file and Doo Joon phone stripe. I got B2ST t-shirt and Shock of the new era B2ST.

Today there will be an autograph sessions at One Utama by 5 pm. Who didn't get a chance for the autograph sessions last night can come over to One Utama to meet them, the 'B2ST/BEAST' boys. I already got what I want so that's enough for me. And I think I can keep waiting for meet them again. But now, I have to forget everything that relates with K-POP or korean boys or even their country, Korea. This is for temporary only, after the detention time is get to the end for the next ten years. Well, that is small matter for me. I can do it well.



Huh ! I want to take a nap for a while. I'm totally tired and I didn't get enough sleep last night. Nightmare ! So, I want to get my rest now. Tonight, both of us, me and my friends are going to Beast showcase. I don't know what time the showcase will starts. But I've to get ready one hour earlier before go to the bus stand. Well, thats all for now. I'll reporting the event here after I came back from the concert. See ya~


Transport problem

erm .. oh no ! I still have a problem, transport for tomorrow. Uh, what I'm gonna do ? Well, its look like tonight I can't sleep. My daddy and my mom are going out tomorrow with my aunt so how I can get there ? Please ... please .... please ..... oh ya, I want to borrow my sister handphone so I've to charging her phone and camera as well. I guess, I've to wait conformation from her whether she can pick me up here or no. If not, I've to figure out something. No way I want to let go this opportunity. This is my dream to meet them. Thanks to her 8) Eventhough we've never been met for a long time but she's still my friend and I'll never forget my friends. I need friends. Alright then, just wait for her..


salam xD

Yippie ! I'm so happy today. I can't wait for tomorrow, my happiest day. 'Beast/B2ST' here i come. Oh ya ! Thank god daddy reminds me to tell my mother about this. Huh, if not I'm not going ! And that will makes me cry. My mother still sleeping right now and I don't want to disturbing her. She's tired, let she get her rest. Maybe this evening I will tell her about my plan and I hope she'll agree. Please, I can't turn it back right now. I already tell my friend that I'll be going to that showcase with her and I don't want to break my promises. Promise is promise !

Erm ..which one is better, wear a t-shirt and vest @ purple dress ? But I think its better if I just wearing a t-shirt without vest. Dress .. not really suitable for this showcase 0-0 well, I'll ask my sister opinion later. Right now, I've to tell my mother about this. Huh .. I have a bad feeling but she have to know it. Just wish me a good luck.

I hope tomorrow is the best day ever for me to feel and enjoying this life. I will take care of myself while being there tomorrow. Erm .. I'm lil bit nervous and scared but at the same time I feel great and I couldn't wait that day. We still have time, less than 24 hours for that event. WoW ! I never feel like this before. Really excited and enjoying this moment. Tomorrow I want to borrow my sisters phone and my mother digital camera 0_x I guess see you later. Got something to do .. Chiao !



Dreams come true

well, still have two days prior to the concert. I feel so excited right now because at last I can go to the concert. Already get permissions from my daddy yesterday. Double w0w ! But still there is something that makes me worry. what if the tickets are sold out ? Oh no ! please .. I hope there are still tickets for me. Don't make me cry (T_T) huwaaa ... well, I've to wait and wait ! erm ... i guess I've to wait .. hm ..


waiting for the cd's and confirmation

yup ! I'm waiting for the cd's from my friends and i hope she has those cd's for me. I worry if my father will not allow me to go 0_0 Maybe right now she already has those 'Beast' tickets and I can't cancel it just like that. No matter what, i'm going to the showcase eventhough i've to begging from them. I couldn't wait for that moment. That day gonna be my happiest day ever. And perharps that day is the day for me to go out with friends because i promised already. To my daddy, i hope he have the answer for me as soon as possible. I really want to know his decisions by tonight or tomorrow. I hope i can go out this saturday 0_T erm ... my heart beats faster and i'm really scare .. wondering what will be the answer for me... yes or no ... this is things makes me feel crazy and my hand is shaking !!! 'Beast' virus infecting me ^_^ waiting for her get to online.. i want to chat with her about this ... come on, get online facebook now. i'm waiting...waiting....and waiting .....


oh no ! What i'm gonna do now ? My heat is dup dap dup dap non-stop since few hours ago. I am really concerned about something 0_0 How do i explain to them ?? If they are angry with me ? Oh .. This is really bad ! I am also going to be light because i do not want to cheat them. I hope they let me go to the concert later ... heart beats faster when i think about it ! This is the only opportunity that I have and i won't let it go. I'm begging, please let me go to the concert because this is the only opportunity that i have. This opportunity will not come for the second time. That is why i want to go though this only once. I will discuss with them properly as soon as possible about this and i hope they allow me to go to the concert. If possible before the ticket is on me ^_0 I will try to talk with them and excesssive. Please don't break my heart ! I'm willing to sacrifice anything for the concert eventhough i have to use my own money to pay back him. Wish me a good luck okay :)


My Love is only for Piano Class

Music is my instinct that gentle soul ! That is why i love the melodious rhythm of waves. Each oscillation melodious rhythm makes me fly high in the imaginary. My favorite music is piano ^-^ I want to learn to play the piano someday soon and maybe after i graduated. I want to learn piano because I want to entertain people who i love and makes them all feel happy. I know, its not easy to learn to play the piano but I will work hard for it and do the best. Once the opportunity comes I will not let it go just like that. This is the dream for me and I hope this dream come true. I am looking for piano teacher who can teach me personally and if possible i want the piano teacher is Indian or Chinese, female, not too old but experience and friendly. Now i am thinking when i probably want to learning piano. But i have to get permission from my mother and father to allow me into the piano class.
I hope they will support me and encourage me to enter this piano class. Their support are important for me to realize this dream. I know the piano class fees are not cheap and I am afraid my parents will not be able to pay. I may have to wait longer until i could enter the piano class. I am willing to wait even longer because this is my desire. Music is my life and my soul just for the beautiful music 8) I want to learn to play piano with sheet music that i find yesterday. All the music sheet korean songs that i love. I already found music sheet for Fighter, Oasis, Saranghajimayo, Without you, Take care of my girlfriend, Flavor of life, Wedding Dress, Love Like This, Ur man and so on. More music paper that i had not met since there is no person who has the paper. But i already requested the music sheet that i'm not able to find it by myself. I hope somebody have the music sheet for the songs Find, Planetarium, Deja Vu, Snow Prince and Shock. I guess there is a chance for me to learn to play piano. And I hope what i've been wished for comes true. I want to play piano in front of my friends, my family and for those who love me. Wish me good luck guys ^_o
Ten years from now I was professional pianist and famous throughout the world. Mention my name and people around will know who is she. I will be the pride of the family and they all respected. Impatient waiting for the next day because that is the beginning of my life story. Soon they all will recognize who i am O_O That day will be my happiest day ever. Wish me all the best and pray for my success...Thank you !


B2ST/BEAST here i come

Yippie !! This is amazzzzzzzing !!!! Totally amazing ! W0W ! Like a dream but this is a reality :) Hard to believe but this is a miracle ! At last the opportunity is mine and I'll never let it go. I've been waiting for this opportunity and at last it belongs to me. I'm sooooo happy and happy. Right now, I can not stop smiling :D Well, thanks to her for creates this opportunity for me. It has been a years I'm waiting for this moment. She told me that I've to buy first BEAST cd's for the tics with BEAST t-shirt and the price is RM 120. I got shocked ! What ? RM120, that's a lot of money. But I won't hesisstate this golden opportunity because it once in my life. Eventhough I've to used my own savings money but its worthless. I couldn't wait for this saturday because it will be my happier day ever :D I love BEAST ! I love B2ST ! Yay, yippie ! Hip Hip Hooray ! This is fun and totally great. I hope there is a cd's for me. Please,please.. I really want to meet them all even for a once ! Hey girls, please contacting me as soon as possible ...... I couldn't wait !! B2ST/BEAST, here i come to you !!!

i'm waiting for SS501

SS501 ! Love SS501 ! Another group that I am interested is SS501 from South Korea. Their leader is Kim Hyun Joong and and the members of this five handsome guys are Kim Hyung Joon, Park Jungmin, Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jung and Kim Hyun Joong as the leader of their group. They are quite popular with songs such as Fighter, Deja Vu, I'm your man, Snow Prince, Unlock and Love like this. Kim Hyun Joong has starred drama series Boys Over Flower that shown on television. In Korea, this group often venture into acting and hosting besides being a famous rock band in the world. All members of this group have distinctive looks and they are the best. Their songs have made me fall in love with SS501 and inflame my heart warm. Not only fell in love with their songs, but I fell in love with this five handsome guys especially with Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Joon. If they come to Malaysia, I'm the first person to shout joy. That is why I want to study abroad and may be in Korea because I want to meet them face-t0-face. But that's not the main reasons I went Korea, I went there for further studies and not for fun. If there is a chance that I will find them there. By the way, all the best of luck for them and have a nice day :D oppa, saranghaeyo ...

BEAST in MalaYsia

Beast will be here on 26th June 2010 for their album promotion and concert ! Gosh ! This is amazing, at last Beast will be here in Malaysia for their fans in Asia. But now, Beast in Philipine for the same reasons as well. Too bad I'm not going for the showcase because I couldn't. Yeah ! This is my golden opportunity to meet them all but it looks like there is no chances for me to go there. Well, there's a lot of opportunities for me someday. What I've to do is just be patient. Five handsome guys from Korea will be here in my country, this is really shocked me out. Lee Ki Kwang, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Doo Joon, Son Dong Woon, Hyeon Seung and Joon Hyeong are my types. This is gonna be fun and double W0W !! I hope their Cd's will be selling in Malaysia because I really want to get those Cd's eventhough I've seen already their video clips in Youtube. I want to collect their Cd's, autograph, pictures and so on. I'm just hoping I've a free tics for that showcase but unfortunately i don't have any tics. Maybe next time I'll get that chances. Wishing them all, the 'B2ST/BEAST' boys all the best and goodluck for their showcase coming soon in Malaysia. You're known as 'B2ST/BEAST' because you're the best ! Hope that showcase will be the best performances for you guys and your fans in Asia country. Goodluck for the next showcase too that will be in Japan !!! Saranghaeyo !!



Everybody has their own dreams so am i. My biggest dream is to be happy forever after with the loved one, my family of course. If they feel happy then i'll feel the same way as well. My others dream is i want to be who i wanna be and nobody can stop me to do so. Also I hope someday there is a love for me from someone who loves me. I'll make sure those dreams will come true not a illusions anymore.
I want to design my own luxurious house, own a luxury car, has a lot of money, have own restaurant, boutique, cake house& bakery's and so on. Of course for achieving that all i've to study hard from now on and become a successful woman. I will makes my parent's proud of me. I love them so much. May god blessing both of them because they are the best parent's in the world.